Handmade Ceramic Speckle Mugs Libby Ballard


These Speckled Mugs are simply so comforting to hold. Fill to the brim with hot chocolate in Winter and fragrant teas in the Summer, sit back and enjoy instant relaxation. Ahhhh!

They have a clear glaze on the inside and blue/green 2 tones on the outside.

95mm x 95 mm

All Libby Ballard work is microwave and dishwasher safe. However they will have a better longevity if hand washed.


More about the Artist


Inspired by a childhood growing up on the Isle of Wight Libby is very influenced by nature and the sea. Her gorgeous glazed products are made from a blend of 2 stoneware clays to achieve a speckle effect that is completely individual to each and every piece in her collection.


As each is unique there is a slight variation in size, colour and finish from one to the next meaning you can really feel the hand of the maker. This is completely essential to their charm and offers a great compliment to any food, plants or flowers you might want to place inside.



If you want to find out more about Libby and her creative practice, you can check out our interview with her as our Artist of the Month for December ’16  


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