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Art Deco Necklace Bourjeon Salmon Chain
Art Deco Necklace Bourjeon
Art Deco Necklace Bourjeon Salmon Back
Art Deco Necklace Bourjeon Salmon

Art Deco Necklace Bourjeon Salmon

Description: Delicate salmon necklace on a super long chain inspired by the Art Deco movements love of nature. Its name Bourgeon translates to bud, and its fan shape is reminiscent of a flower in bud. 

Size: Wooden pendant 50mm by 25mm / Chain length 90cm (36 inches) 

Did you know: All metal is antiallergic and nickel free and all packaging is 100% recyclable and respectful of the environment.

Made from: Walnut wood sourced responsibly in the UK using only FSC approved suppliers

Designer: Materia Rica

About this brand: Materia Rica is an independent creative brand based in London and Barcelona. Their products are a breath of fresh air, combining crafted natural materials, inspiration from artistic icons and a devotion to detail. We love love love their work! 

Made in: Barcelona