Meet the Makers

As part of our new meet the makers series we'll be celebrating the people behind the work. We know the finished products we sell are all the end result of great design and hard work by the artists and makers, we what to tell these stories and understand what inspires and  drives them. Take a look behind the scenes and see how their work is created.


September '14: Kate Rowland

Meet Kate and learn how she transforms her quirky illustrations into these little gems. 

So tell us a bit about yourself. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

I've always loved drawing and making, since I was little. It’s inexplicably satisfying to create an object or image with your own hands! ... Read More.

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October '14: Liam Roberts

Liam is a self confessed map geek and the artists behind the Brixton Tree. When Liam isn't creating imaginative maps, he travels the world and is now a published author. 

 Find out what inspires him to create his imaginative maps in our second instalment of meet the maker here. Read more here.

Or check out his work in our online shop.

November '14 Will Clarke

This month we've been getting to know Will, who's explained how he combines intricate hand drawn illustrations with screen printing to produce his striking graphic works.


Tell us a bit about yourself. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

Well, apart from studying in Bath I have always lived and worked in London and have recently moved my practice into a studio in Brixton (just round the corner from the Turpentine!). To be honest, I never really intended to become a maker as such – when I was at university I was much more interested in becoming an illustrator, or even a graphic designer....