Brixton Pound T-Shirts

These limited edition screen printed t-shirts have been designed by the Turpentine exclusively for the Brixton Pound.

Created in two distinct designs the Turpentine’s Jude de Berker takes elements from the original artwork on Brixton Pound notes and creates something vibrant and new.

Produced as limited edition t-shirts, with only a hundred of each design printed. 

Choose from either the 'Dawn' or 'Violet' designs.


10% of every purchase will go into the Brixton Fund, Brixton Pound’s micro-grants scheme which will support local projects which increase employment opportunities, take action for social justice, or produce activities beneficial to the local community.

Explaining the design The Turpentine’s Jude de Berker, t-shirt designer, said:

“I wanted to take elements from the Brixton Pound to create t-shirt designs that could stand on their own but also work alongside the notes. All the graphical information has been taken directly from the notes from the background lines and vivid colours to incorporating the serial number of the first ever Brixton Pound on the first 100 t-shirts of each design. I love the storytelling of Charlie Waterhouse's designs linking the notes to Brixton, so I incorporated the zigzag lines inspired by Southwyck House that feature on all the notes and the flying birds from the nuclear dawn mural on Carlton Mansions from the £10 note. It's been a pleasure working with the guys at the Brixton Pound and hopefully we've created t-shirt s that people will love to wear”



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