Where To: Find Great Beer in Brixton June 07 2017

Hellooooo June! The sun keeps peeking out and Father’s Day is just around the corner. This might be just about the right time that you’re looking to find a few decent spots to grab a beer and sit outside. Or perhaps you are on your way to join us for Drink & Draw and want something tasty? Or maybe even a little something for your Dad? This list should hopefully help you out.


The Pop Over

House of Bottles

420 Coldharbour Lane, SW9 8LF


Opposite the Turpentine is Brixton local legend Tony’s House of Bottles. They have a big sign outside boasting about the range of whiskies they have on offer but I’ll be honest in saying I’ve only had my eyes on the prize: their ready to grab chilled beer. Over the years their selection of local and interesting craft beers has been growing so you can easily pick something recognisable from the likes of London Fields, ELB and a large selection from our pals over at Brixton Brewery


The Saturday Mooch

Brixton Brewery

Arch 547, Brixton Station Rd, SW9 8PF

Founded in 2013 by two couples Jez & Libby and Mike & Xochitl, Brixton Brewery has been creating delicious and colourful brews that celebrate the culture and names of Brixton itself.

You can visit them on Saturdays from 12-6pm, taste their wares and pick out a few bottles for yourself to take away. Not in town on a Saturday? We stock their tees, beer glasses and prints and, with the choice over at House of Bottles, you can re-create a bit of the experience any day of the week.

(Brixton Brewery are also our June Artist of the Month so find out more about them here)


The Selection

Ghost Whale

70 Atlantic Rd, SW9 8PX


New kids on the block Ghost Whale are a little out of the way from the centre, but well worth the wander over. Boasting hundreds of different options from different breweries, you can spend a long time just drinking it all in. Literally! With a table in the middle (and a small beer garden at the back when it’s nice outside) you can make your choice from the well stocked fridge or even one of the beers on tap, sit down and become familiar with a new favourite. You can get everything from the greatest hits you know to some ungodly strong, knock your socks off kinda ales. If you’re like me and like to pick your new beers from their choice of colourful, cartoony artwork, then boy oh boy are you in luck too!


The Precisionist

Market Row Wines

20 Market Row, SW9 8LD


Now I know what you’re thinking. But Elsa, isn’t the clue in the name? Well you’d be correct. Their focus is on great wines But they have a small but very well informed array of great beers that are almost too easy to just pick up on your way through Market Row. And do you want to be the one missing out? Didn’t think so ;).


The Oh Balls I Have to Stay in the Office

Desk Beers



Because sometimes the beer just has to come to you, I can wholeheartedly recommend Deskbeers. Longtime pals of the Turpentine, Deskbeers is a subscription service that delivers a curated themed selection of brews to your specification. They can send you a box once, twice or as often as you like and you can even gift them. We have recently enjoyed our way through music themed Signature Brew box which featured a choice of three cans all inspired by music and musicians.

So whether for a special celebration, Friday drinks with the work pals or a last minute Father’s day gift you don’t even have to post yourself. It’s perfect! And if you work from an office at home? Well then it’s like a beery gift all to yourself.



Now I have to admit that there was little extra research made for this post. I thought you might like to see from my experience pottering around in a post work daze, hunting for the one thing I crave, a lovely cold beer! There is a high chance I’ve managed to ignore a few local gems. Why not let me know what I’m missing out on and also let me know if any of this helps you in any way.


E xo