Yukiko Studio- MEET THE MAKER OCTOBER October 01 2016

There's no doubt that Yukiko Ikehara's products put a smile on your face with their simple splash of colour and playful graphic designs. Every element is beautifully crafted from the fine stitching to the gorgeously tactile cloth bases. She took some time out of the studio to answer a few questions for us.

Tell us a bit about yourselves. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

I am a screen printer and make products out of cloth such as zip bag pouches, tea cosies, oven gloves. I also design and print cards.

I'm from Japan and studied fine art sculpture where I often used cloth as my material combined it with a love of drawing.

One day in 2012, I woke up with an idea, “what if I sell my hand-made crafts at a local Christmas Market?”

Then I made embroidered cushion covers and small zip pouches using my knowledge of sewing that I learned from being small. I had already learned some technical sewing and pattern cutting at evening courses as part of a general interest in making my own clothes.

At the Christmas market, people bought my stuff! It was such a joy, I couldn't believe it.

After that I wanted to learn screen printing so I could add my own hand drawn designs into my products. I learned some screen printing techniques at workshops, but I mainly tought myself at the screen printing studio as I went along. I'm constantly learning new tips from mistakes, which is the best way to learn in the end.

Becoming a maker may be a side street of being a fine artist, but I really like sewing and screen printing, so this combination is really working for me.

What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

I like simple, practical every day things combined with retro and timeless design. Visiting car boot sales, jumble sales and vintage markets are the best inspirations and fun. I think London is a great place for that.

What is the process?
-Draw the design by hand
-Transfer the design to clear film to make positive
-Coat the screen
-Expose the screen
-Measure and cut the cloth
-Screen print the cloth
-Iron the cloth to set the design permanently
-Sewing; adding linings, padding, zips etc


What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

To see the final product and someone actually buys it.
Finding my products on the shelves in Turpentine!


Thank you so much Yukiko for taking the time to chat to us!


You can find out more about her here at her website