MEET THE MAKER - JULY July 01 2016

Last month we had the day where we honour our Father's with beer and choc and a funny card. The undisputed Turps champ of humour has to be none other than Jamie Kyle and funnily enough, he's our Artist of the Month for July.

Alongside our chat Jamie told us about his little roller coaster journey after a project of his found internet viral fame. Previously catching the attention of news outlets including Buzzfeed the Mirror, he's now part of a documentary about young people and the internet which will debut at the end of July (read more about it here if you fancy). 



Tell us a bit about yourselves. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

Hello! I'm Jamie, an illustrator and Artist residing and from London. To be honest there never really was a turning point for me as I was always drawing and making things from a young age- I'm from a very creative family so I guess it's been ingrained into my personality from the offset!


What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

I like to focus on humour and an element of fun in my work- everything else is so serious I want to enjoy what I do! Disruption, word play and puns tend to crop up a lot in my work. I'm a huge admirer of David Shrigley, Paul Davis and Mcbess. I also get a few ideas from film, nature, comedy and recently; food and drink.


What is the process?

It can vary depending on the project but I do my best work in the early mornings and the late evenings. To get started I always doodle and scribble lots of (mostly useless) sketches. It gets my creative juices flowing and really loosens me up. From there, I'll do a variety of initial ideas with some creative thinking exercises until I get excited about one. Always have to be excited about the idea. Then off I go! What do you enjoy most about being a maker? I enjoy it because it doesn't feel like work! Feels very natural and more importantly, fun! I do enjoy the element of creative control and freedom- when you know and feel something works, it works.