Hairy Jayne: March Artist of the Month March 01 2017

We come to another month and another fantastic and interesting artist to dish the dirt on.... Well, of course in this case no dirt involved!

Hairy Jayne is an independent, one woman, hair care and dressing business set up by the eponymous Jayne who I think we can all agree is hairy in all the best ways.
Jayne has been part of the Turps family for a long time. Like us she's also based in Brixton and has been the answer to many, many questions of "woah, just how does your hair smells so good??" (spoilers, it's her fantastic range of heat protecting hair perfume) 

So without further ado, here she is! 


(*pic courtesy of the Makerhood Connect)
Tell us a bit about yourself. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

I got into hairdressing after a very short-lived career in graphic design. When I went freelance and became Hairy Jayne a few years ago, I had a bit more time on my hands so I started to play around with mixing argan oil with essential oils to use in my hair… the obsession all escalated from there really!

What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

My hairdressing clients, my love of fragrant essential oils, old apothecaries, "saving the planet", travel.

What is the process?

Once the experiments are over and the recipes have been signed off by a cosmetic chemist, it’s actually just like cooking – there’s a lot of melting and mixing and pouring going on.


(*This picture is from a Make Your Own Hair Oil workshop ran by Jayne!)
Where are you based and how does that affect your making?
My studio is in Brixton, just round the corner from the Turpentine! It’s great, I can cut hair part time and mix potions part time, and being in Brixton, there’s never a dull moment.

What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

I love hearing that someone has enjoyed something that I’ve made, especially if it’s sorted out their hair problem and they’re back for some more. I also love the maker community, especially other makers I’ve met through doing markets like Crafty Fox, they’re all super friendly and supportive.

What was your biggest Aha! Eureka! Moment as a creative?

When I realised I could make hair products and design the logo and labels too. It felt like my two different career paths were converging. Coming up with the name Hairy Jayne was a bit of a moment too – I knew I loved it but wasn’t sure how it would be generally received. Turns out other people love it too.

Thanks so much Jayne!
You can follow what Hairy Jayne is up to at the locations below:
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