Lucy Loves This -Meet the Maker DECEMBER December 01 2015


 This month we meet Lucy, the lady behind Lucy Loves This and the now iconic Brixton B print. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

 I’ve been working as a graphic designer for 10 years, and spend most of my life working to a clients brief. So when I went freelance 5 years ago, I decided it was time to start designing things I liked for a change as well! It was supposed to just be a hobby, but has somehow become my day job!

What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

I love type, it pervades my work and I'm a little obsessed by it! I worked as a book cover designer in my twenties where I was able to let my obsession flourish and when you look at my work you'll see the majority of my prints use type in one way or other; whether to create a map or just focus on one letter.

 London has also been a massive influence for me, especially my little pocket of it in Brixton. It is such an incredible city - full of weird and wonderful things to keep you inspired.

 What is the process?

 All of my illustrations are initially hand drawn, sketched first and then finalised in ink. I then scan them in and do abit of computer tinkering to finish them off. The majority of my prints are then hand screenprinted.


 What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

 I love coming up with new ideas and working out how I could turn them into a product that someone might want in their home. I also feel very lucky that I get to spend most days drawing, which has always been my favourite thing to do.