Materia Rica- Meet the Maker NOVEMBER November 01 2015

MATERIA RICA  ( formerly Manolo ) 

This month we've been catching up with Marta and Joan from Materia Rica, who you might know as Manolo. Together they create unique modern jewellery which we always end up lusting after! 

Materia Rica

Tell us a bit about yourselves. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

We have always loved making things! From cooking special recipes to preparing a homey christmas tree.. Making things is great fun and it’s something we will never stop doing :) We get on really well and making things together is fantastic!

Marta from a very early age always had a crayon or something to draw with on her hands. After studying a MA in drawing & painting her passion for making expanded. She now combines her career as an painter artist with commissions involving creative wall murals, ceramics, animation & drawing on lots of paper. A large part of her day is with the most creative and hands on side of Materia Rica.

Joan always loved making, prototyping and testing ideas. In fact he went and studied product design at Central Saint Martins. His little part of the studio is full of machines, artifacts & prototypes. Within a chaotic order, drawings, screws & bits of wood live in peace on his working desk.

We love your new name, what does MATERIA RICA mean? 

Materia Rica is both elated matter and conscious material. It is caring for what we do. From the Earth that provides us with wood and hands and colours — to you and your love for wholeness. Materia rica is hope, need and wish. It is experience, happiness and beauty. It is simply what life is made of.” With these statements Materia Rica seeks to be the perfect home for current and forthcoming projects.

 What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

We feel inspired pretty much everywhere, as self employed you need to continuously be creative and able to find inspiration all around. Our jewellery is created and arranged by collections and we try to work with concepts and ideas we feel identified.

Inspiration and influence walk together for us. We love the sea, nature, plants and also great artistic movements, especially those that emerged on the 20th century & often developed in urban environments.

Materia Rica

What is the process?

Though the key to success is better kept secret, we want to share with our friends and customers how we work at Materia Rica.

The designs are at present always based on Marta Chojnacka drawings. She has such a crazy desk when she’s working on a new collection — scraps of paper with colorful sketches, a palm leave, a scarf with a curious pattern, a picture of an inspiring place… and crayons everywhere, even inside her teacup.

There’s also a part of the duty performed with the help of our binary partners. Pictures are digitized, final designs take shape on a screen and walnut pieces are laser cut in our workshop.

When that’s done, the magic starts. Each jewellery piece is painted, polished, mounted and varnished by hand — which makes them all unique. Our first class products and skilled craftswomen (it’s proven girls are more patient) are our best quality asset.

What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

Probably knowing that what you are making with tender love and care, with the best of your intentions - will be worn, used & enjoyed by someone else. It is great to make things and the positive feedback you get from clients is with no doubt the most rewarding part of it all!