Sara Lois -Meet the Maker SEPTEMBER September 01 2015

Tell us a bit about yourselves. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

My favourite subject at school was always Design and Technology however I didn’t really discover jewellery until my second year studying Product Design at Bangor University. From then I completed various internships with jewelers and was fascinated with all the tools and precious materials. I knew then that I’d found an area within design that I loved. Not having studied a specific jewellery course I learnt so much from those internships and the rest I teach myself along the way! I still have a lot to learn! I’ve also recently completed a Masters in Business and Entrepreneurship to help with the business side of things.


What are your main inspirations and influences for the work?

All my pieces tend to have a connection with Wales and my Welsh culture and heritage. These inspirations may not be obvious as ideas evolve into my finished items which are often modern and contemporary in feel. The current Pontio collection stocked at Turpentine was inspired by the structure of a bridge that links the Isle of Anglesey and the North Wales mainland. The bar structure in the bridge is used as an exploration into form, repetition and arrangement.

What is the process?

All my items start out as either wire or sheet metal which is then cut, formed and soldered into various forms. I mainly work in silver with accents of oxidisation and gold. I’m not the biggest fan of sketching ideas, I’ll perhaps create one quick one in order to make sense of the idea in my head but then I’ll get straight to making it and work it out form there.




What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

The best bit of being a maker is making something! I love seeing and idea come to life and someone loving it enough to buy it and wear it.