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Where the Beginners Jewellery Course could take you...

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We have so many lovely people coming to learn something new, expand their knowledge or just enjoy being creative at our workshops, Lyndon is one such customer. We have had the pleasure of his company at two of our Jewellery workshops, Beginners Jewellery Making Course and Wax Carving - make a silver ring. We thought it would be great to hear from him about why he chose the Turpentine to come and learn more about his passion and take a look at what he's been making since - it's pretty impressive!



I've loved wearing, buying and looking at jewellery since my teens. Silver and gold have accompanied every phase and trend I've grown in and out of. I love creative hobbies - I've always sewn and embellished fabric, customised, altered and made clothing, I have also tried my hand at felting.

I wear a lot of jewellery so I'm always looking out for new and interesting things. Some of my jewellery I put together and I've become a little collector of The Great Frog jewellery with about 15 pieces. I make and braid pieces I find and make into necklaces and bracelets but the missing element was me being able to make or fix the silver components. This was one reason I wanted to look out for a workshop course.



I've been turned off going to institutional short courses as these sometimes feel more like cash cows for universities. Also these as ridiculously expensive and over subscribed. I stumbled across the Turpentine and the sandwich board outside was advertising the course. I loved the concept and work inside and meeting the girls who run the shop was a great pull to go ahead and sign up. Those reasons plus big encouragement from my Boyfriend were why I signed up. I have previously shopped around for workshops but premises and establishments were just not as attractive or to put it simply fun.

I've watched plenty of videos and read 'how to' websites but this wasn't an easy way to start. Having Jude instruct and coach was more than valuable. To be shown the fundamentals and more importantly trouble shooting advice was the best way to start me off. The classes were talkative and we were free to ask as many questions as we needed.



After this I started to put my kit together and gave everything I'ld learnt a go by myself. Putting everything Jude had taught me into practice was rewarding and with the addition of Youtube tutorials to try a few more tricks my jewellery making was on the road. I also had the opportunity to take the wax carving classes at the Turpentine. This was another skill I really wanted to learn and also gave me a chance to ask Jude a list of trouble shooting questions I've built up. Having interaction with other creative classmates and Jude was great fun and a nice way to socialise too.

Since these classes I have been practicing a lot, making pieces for myself friends and family and many people have been open to paying for the materials to help me get started. My next step is to get my own line going, set up a website and online shop, learn and gain more skills and advance however I can with this hobby.

You can check out more of Lyndon's work on his Instagram here 

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