Fold your own Christmas Stars November 28 2014

These stars make great Christmas decorations and cost almost nothing! We’ve been going star crazy here hanging whole clusters of them from our ceiling.

Try using coloured paper, newspaper of even old wrapping paper.  


You will need

A printer

A Pentagon Template





Origami purists would make their own pentagon using artful folding and without the aid of scissors. As I’m not an origami Jedi master here’s the template I used:

Once obtained cut out your Pentagon.


STEP 1. Start with the good side of the paper facing down, fold in half through the point and unfold. Repeat through each of the points so you have a set of folds as in the photo below.


STEP 2. Fold up the flat edge so the corners meet the diagonal folds you just made. As below. Repeat this for all 5 sides.



STEP 3. This is the tricky bit. Now fold along the left hand crease you just make and fold up the bottom crease while pulling the corner out, as below. Take the corner over to the left and flatten. Unfold and repeat at each corner.



STEP 4. Unfold the pentagon. You should now see a mini pentagon inside created by your earlier folds. Pinch up all the corners around this mini pentagon. This is where the magic happens. With a bit of wobbling the pentagon should collapse into a star.



STEP 5. Turn your star over. Take the right side of one of the pointed arms, and fold it over until it meets the centre of the star, as below. Repeat on each arm until your star is complete!