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Christmas Craft Workshops

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We've been making it personal this Christmas with our crafty workshops. They were so much fun we wanted to share them with you here.


Over the past few weeks we've been running a series of Christmas workshops aimed at helping people make their Christmas a bit more creative this year. Here's a rundown of what we've been up to. 

Christmas Wreath Making

Using floristry techniques we've been getting green fingered on a few occasions this December, teaching people how to create their own Christmas wreaths. The smells in the shop after these workshops were a real taste of Christmas; pine, cinnamon, and orange with a splash of Eucalyptus.
The workshops started by building moss around a florists wreath ring to create a base to build from. Pine branches were then skilfully stripped, clipped and wired into place, until bushy green wreaths emerged. Then the decorating began, arguments raged over whether a classic or blinged out wreath was better, we won’t tell which one we made! 

Print your own Christmas cards 

In this craft workshop we taught people the basics of block printing, helping everyone understand the inverted nature of the print was the first step. Everyone designed their own print, with some excellent inspiration and top tips from our in house art teacher Jude.
The next step was to transfer that design onto the block for printing, and begin carving using soft cutting block and specialist tools. The variety and creativity of the designs were fantastic! This personalised reusable Christmas stamp was then used to hand stamp as many cards as they could before the classed ended! 

Make your own Christmas Decorations

My personal favourite, this workshop taught people how to use air drying clay to emboss, texture, stamp and cut out their own Christmas decorations. The first step was to roll the clay out to the required thickness, then dive right in and start creating. Jude provided examples and an amazing array of implements, stamps and textures for everyone to let their creative juices go wild. I loved the silver leaf, which gave a beautiful finish to the clay. The letter stamps were used to great effect to created truly personalised Christmas decorations.

Merry Christmas and thanks to everyone who took part for making these workshops so much fun!  

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