Boodle -Meet the Maker DECEMBER December 02 2014

An interview with Boodle

This month we're catching up with the creative talent behind Boodle, Beth Buss, to find out what makes her tick. Beth's work features a range of ingenuous animals and their strange antics and we've been dying to know where her inspiration comes from and how she creates her colourful work.   


So tell us a bit about yourself. Can you recall how and why you became a maker?

After studying for my degree in Textile Design at Nottingham Trent it seemed natural to carry on designing and creating, I worked part time and slowly built up my business after attending a short business course. I worked at a screen printers, which really helped build my skills in this field, and gave me more inspiration to start up my own business. Sustainability has had a strong influence in my work so I always make sure I use organic cotton/sustainable materials and eco-friendly inks.  This makes the process a bit harder as the inks are harder to use and the materials are more expensive, but in my opinion you get a higher quality product.


What inspires you and how does this influence your work?

Growing up in the Devon countryside has given me a passion for animals and the outdoors, which are the main influences of my work. I have always loved animals and am a bit of a crazy cat lady at heart! (I have 2 ginger toms at home).  I have always enjoyed drawing and like to give character to each animal to give him or her a bit of personality. Adventure is also incorporated into my designs; I like the idea of animals going on adventures! This helps the customer relate to the product too.


Can you tell us a bit more about the process?
When I am screen-printing a product I always start drawing using black ink on white paper, I then scan my drawings into Illustrator and build up layers of colours and get the image ready for printing. I then print the image out onto acetate using black ink.
The next stage is to expose this onto a screen, so I coat up a screen with emulsion and when dry I expose the design by using a UV light box to burn the image onto the screen. You then wash the image out of the screen and leave to dry.
Once the screen is dry you can set up for printing and pull the ink through the exposed screen using a squeegee to reveal your design, this is the exciting bit!
Once you have printed your products you have to cure the ink with heat (in my case a heat press) to ensure the ink does not wash out of the T-shirt.

What do you enjoy most about being a maker?

 I love working for myself, I spent quite a few years juggling working part time and building up my business so I feel very lucky to be able to work on my business full time now. I love being able to create products from my illustrations, its always exciting when you get a new idea and can follow it through to a final product. I share a studio with fellow designer makers, which is great as we can bounce ideas around and is nice to be part of a community as working from home can be isolating at times.
You can check out Boodle’s lovely wears here in our online store, and keep up to date with the latest from Boodle via Facebook, Twitter or Boodle Boutique.