DIY - How to make a silver wire ring August 12 2014

I love making this ring, it’s a lovely simply design, can be made to fit easily and requires no soldering! I’ve made it with silver here but it will work just as well with brass wire which is a lot cheaper.

I would recommend practicing the swirl part a few times before starting as that can be a bit tricky but with a bit of practice you will get it in no time.

You will need:

  • 15cm of half hard 1mm Silver wire or half hard 1mm brass wire
  • A set of jewellery pliers (round nose, half round and flat nose as well as cutters -see the picture at the end of this post)
  • Something round about the size of you finger (I used the end of a vice here but a piece of dowel or thick pen would do)
  • A file - jewellers tend to use 2nd cut
  • Ultra fine wire wool .

1 & 2 - Using your flat nose pliers straighten out your silver wire

3 – Holding the wire in the middle with your flat nose pliers, bend you wire in half using you fingers.

4 &5- Use your flat nose pliers to flatten the bend so that the wire sits as tightly together as possible

6, 7, & 8 - This next stage is easier using a mandrel and raw hide mallet however, these will set you back at least £40 so this is the way to do it on the cheap! Using your half round pliers start at the end of the wire that has the fold. Gently squeeze and bend the wire so that it starts to curve. Work your way to the end bending just a little at a time so that you get a smooth curve – you may need to do this several times to get a circle but it’s much better to go slow and avoid getting kinks. Carry on until you have a full circle with extra wire on the unfolded end to make your swirls with (see fig 10.)

9 & 10 - Using something roughly the same size as your finger (I’m using the end of a vice here) slip your ring on and gently squeeze it against the round object using you flat nose pliers. Do this to get rid of any bumps you may have until you have a smooth shape like in figure 10.

11 - At this point check that your ring fits your desired finger, if it doesn’t simply squeeze it together more to make it smaller. Once your happy with the size trim one of the free ends so that it is about 1cm shorter than the other using your cutters.

12. File the longer end to create a flat end and get rid of any sharpness 

13 & 14 - Now to create your swirl design! Using your round nose pliers hold the longer end right at the tip and roll it in back on itself to create a swirl.

15. File the shorter end as before to make sure there is no sharpness. 

16. Repeat the process of creating a swirl using the round nose pliers on the shorter end - this swirl needs to be smaller than the first

Once your happy with your swirl designs use you half round pliers to curve them to the shape of your finger so that the whole ring fits comfortably. Now all you need to do is rub all over with wire wool to shine it up - beautiful!

How to tell which pliers are which? 


Hope you enjoyed this post - watch this space for weekly DIY's from the Turpentine!


Jude :)